Guarantee of contribution to an economic, socio-cultural and environmental balance, meeting the current needs of tourists and host regions with benefits for the entity itself Scroll


Sustainability of tourism is our priority

At Biosphere, we have developed certifications to ensure an appropriate long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of a destination, reporting significant benefits for a tourism, society and environment entity.

By ensuring compliance with a range of requirements based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, we offer companies in the industry the opportunity to design products and services with a new, non-aggressive tourism model, meeting current customer and user needs without compromising future generations.

The first international sustainable tourism body

THE   certification   BIOSPHERE   ©   is granted by   Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI)   , an independent body created in 1995 with the objective of promoting sustainable development actions and programs in tourist destinations and companies.   THE   RTI   born supported by   UNESCO   per   middle of a   Memorandum of Understanding   which enabled the development of cooperation activities, projects and events between the two organizations.   RTI is one of the founding members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (   GSTC   ), sponsored by the United Nations Foundation.

THE   Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI)   It has been leading tourism's contribution to sustainable development for over 20 years.   Born after the   World Conference on Sustainable Tourism (1995),   sponsored by   UNESCO   , gives   UNWTO,   of   United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)   and from   European Union (EU)   .   Since then, the mission of   ATR   has been the promotion of the principles of   World Charter for Sustainable Tourism   (approved at that Conference) and all United Nations Sustainable Development guidelines and precepts

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